Project Description

Cooper Mountain Nature Center

METRO Parks contracted with Paul Brothers to create this 231 acre property in SW Portland into a beautiful nature park.  The park has something for everyone:  hiking, walking, watching wildlife or a chance to simply enjoy the views with friends and family.  More than three miles of trails with varying levels of difficulty were constructed, through very distinct habitats, using various techniques.  The park includes accessible restrooms and a Nature House for environmental education programs, a demonstration garden is also located next to the nature house.  Paul Brothers worked with craftsman at all levels to shape this destination spot for outdoor enthusiasts.

Project Details






Earthwork; drainage; erosion control; boardwalks; trails; buildings; asphalt paving; striping; site furnishings; landscaping.


“What an outstanding team of responsive, dedicated, hard-working employees that solve problems and work together.  I would be happy to have the chance to work with Paul Brothers again!”  – Lydia Neill, Construction Supervisor METRO


$1.9 million