Paul Brothers, Inc.

Paul Brothers, Inc. (PBI) is a third generation construction company, licensed and registered in the state of Oregon and Washington. Specializing in public works contracts, PBI was founded over 50 years ago as a General Contractor.

The longevity of employment in our key personnel is critical – we rely on their experience and expertise in successfully completing a vast array of projects. Whether constructing a ballfield complex, overseeing a large highway landscape and irrigation project, overhauling a city park, constructing interurban trails, incorporating bioretention swales in neighborhoods, PBI has a long track record of excellent construction operations. Our crew, both on the job and in the office, has many years of experience trouble-shooting and taking a project from beginning to end with great diligence, discipline and follow-through.

As the General, we have the experience of dealing with public agency requirements, be they state, federal and/or local municipalities. As a subcontractor, we have worked with, and for, some of the largest contractors in the west as a landscape specialist, earning their respect along the way. We are proud of our work and the value it has given to the communities and agencies we have served. As a third generation, family-run business, we take our relations seriously and it shows in how we do our business.

Meet Our Team

Peggy Paul

Owner, President and Project Manager

Peggy, employed for over 16 years, serves as President of the Corporation and oversees much of the company operations, vision and direction. Peggy’s strong organizational, communication and leadership skills are critical as her day-in, day-out operations of the business. She maintains working relations with all Ownersand Subcontractors on the jobs, serving as Project Manager, as well as relations with key individuals outside the company. Facilitating timely and orderly records for all projects, Peggy works hand-in-hand answering the constant questions that arise with daily activities. Peggy oversees all submittals, Certified Payroll documents and any other manuals, plans and job close out materials. Having worked for years as a manager in the field of nutrition science before coming to the family business, Peggy traded dietetics for construction with eagerness. In her spare time, she likely has a pair of running shoes on…or hiking boots…and on various active adventures with family.

Scott Paul

Owner, Vice-President and Operations Manager

Scott has been an active leader for Paul Brothers, Inc., for over 30 years and has served as an officer for over 20 years. It is a role he is well suited for, having been groomed by Cliff Paul, his father and founder, whom he worked closely for many, many years. Scott is involved in all personnel decisions, job-bidding, overall company focus and direction and works closely with all clients and owners of our projects. He defines hands-on and embraces a leadership style that is trustworthy, knowledgeable with a work ethic like no other. He also oversees the staff, plants and land that encompasses Alpine Nursery, a wholesale nursery that farms 40 acres in Boring and specializes in conifers and shade trees. In his spare time, Scott is often found with a fishing pole in his hand on whatever body of water in which the fish are biting.

Joey Paul

Project Engineer and Lead Estimator

After spending time after college working as a Project Engineer for a large CM/GC on several multi-million dollar projects, Joey opted to trade hours at the computer for a more hands-on position with Paul Brothers. Joey joined the family business in 2015 and brings a wealth of experience along with a degree in Construction Management Engineering from Boise State University. Joey wears many hats, from assisting with scheduling and bidding to field engineering and team management, he thrives in an active and hard-working environment. Joey is a huge basketball fan, fisherman, marathon runner and enjoys time with his wife, family and friends.

Kirk Paul

Kirk Paul started his construction career working for a large CM/GC in 2015. Based out of Portland, Kirk had the opportunity to work on various multi-million-dollar commercial projects. Similarly to cousin Joey Paul, he too chose to shift gears and carry on his family legacy started by his grandfather Richard and Great Uncle Cliff more than 50 years ago at Paul Brothers. Kirk joined the family-run business in Spring of 2022 and brings a wealth of corporate experience along with a degree in Construction Management from Boise State University, and a master’s degree in Integrated Design and Construction from Auburn University. Kirk provides the most current and innovative industry knowledge and practices, as well as a LEED AP and Associate DBIA credentials. He is a versatile team member helping lead safety, QA/QC, and project management efforts. He is an instant collaborator, thoughtful communicator, and fresh face at Paul Brothers. Kirk is an active fisherman, Eastern Oregon hunter, avid guitar player, movie/music buff, and enjoys time with his family, friends, and dog.

Bill KitchensSuperintendent
Bill has been employed by Paul Brothers, Inc., for nearly 30 years, serving as a Superintendent and site manager on countless job sites. He has experience working on very large jobs ($3.0 million+) as well as smaller projects, always balancing the needs of the project Owner with those of his crew. Bill’s specific area of expertise is in the area of excavation, irrigation, landscaping and water systems, though he has skills far beyond. He thrives in an active, busy, multiple-pronged jobsite. Bill’s spare time is mostly spent thinking about work and irrigation…and fishing.
David RykkenEstimator/Controller
Dave has been a pivotal employee of Paul Brothers, Inc for over 20 years. Dave’s responsibilities are many, managing multiple facets of labor and industries relations, insurance, bonding, banking and accounting relations, as well as project bidding, scheduling and estimating. Dave works closely with project Owners when compiling pay estimates, change orders and job cost accounting. Dave’s education background in accounting and finance are invaluable to PBI. Dave is an avid reader, gardener, and enjoys perfecting his bbq skills.
Hector Mesa SilvaForeman
Hector has worked for Paul Brothers, Inc. since he was a teenager, now a seasoned veteran and a most valued Site Foreman. His skills as an equipment operator are unmatched, as are his skills at site layout, grading, scheduling and safety. He can efficiently and effectively manage a crew, interact with site Owners in a highly productive manner. Hector enjoys fishing, hunting and time with family.

Rafael JassoForeman
Rafael came to Paul Brothers, Inc. in the early 1990s and has worked in every facet of the industry. His knowledge, dedication and excellent work ethic make him a most valued employee in the field. He is an excellent equipment operator, Site Foreman and has a remarkable ability of solving problems and value engineering when faced with site challenges. Rafael fills his spare time with family and friends.

In Memory of Daniel Scott Paul
In Memory of Daniel Scott PaulJuly 1989 - July 2019
It is said that Daniel Scott Paul had one small day in his life: the day he was born, weighing in at a tiny 6lbs 2 oz…his one small day. From then on, Daniel did everything else BIG. He lived big, he loved big, he adventured big, he worked big, he simply WAS big. He was a friend to all, a champion of the underdog, the instigator, adventurer, explorer, leader, the great unifier of all walks of life. He grew up in Boring, Oregon, graduated from Barlow HS in 2007 and headed to Boise State University on a full athletic scholarship for football. Boise State served as the canvas for countless memories and friendships and the place where he met his soul-mate, best-friend who became his wife in 2015 on the banks of the Sandy River in Oregon.

The greatest of joys arrived 16 mos ago when they welcomed their son.
Daniel was the springboard to launching our 3rd generation of family for Paul Brothers in 2013. He worked his way through his summers during high school and upon graduating from college, began his professional career. He was a workhorse, a brilliant site superintendent, a problem solver, quick thinker, and calming source for all in an industry that is fast-paced and ever evolving. He was our ambassador in the field, was kind and smart and passionate, and was proud of his own roots he was laying down for Paul Brothers.

Sadly for us all, Daniel passed away on July 10th 2019 of unknown causes. He was 30 years old. There have been so many stories shared, blogs posted, news articles written, messages sent, social media notes made that have chronicled his life so poignantly and perfectly…his spirit and zest and loves so keenly. Thank you to each of you that have written such endearing words.

Daniel leaves behind a family, friends, and co-workers from all over that will forever do their best to Live Like Dan and remember his spirit and passion for life and love always.

Caring bridge: